Cooking with Psyllium Fiber to Reduce Sugar Spikes

My month-long experience using this plant-based fiber ingredient.
psyllium husk sprinkled onto cooked black beans in a pot
psyllium husk sprinkled onto cooked black beans in a pot

Psyllium is a plant-based fiber that is believed to have numerous health benefits. It is often used as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, powders, and fiber supplements, and can be added to foods like cereals, breads, and protein bars to increase their fiber content. For example Psyllium is on the Dr Stanfield’s Supplement Stack, and Rhonda also is mentioning it.

But psyllium can also be used in cooking to add a healthy dose of fiber to your meals. In addition to its digestive benefits, psyllium has been reported to lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels, and aid in weight loss.

Despite limited evidence in the literature, I personally have observed that adding psyllium to my cooking helps to slow down carbohydrate absorption and reduces blood sugar spikes. Psyllium has a slightly slimy and viscous texture, but only has a minor impact on taste. I’ve added it to pasta, sprinkled it on tortillas, and mixed it into cooked beans.

Just be sure to be careful about dosage and mix it with plenty of water to prevent constipation. And when disposing of psyllium, be sure to throw it in the trash rather than flushing it down the sink or toilet to avoid any plumbing issues. I learned this lesson the hard way when it clogged my washing machine filter (although fortunately, there was no lasting damage).

Overall, psyllium is a helpful plant-based fiber that can improve digestive health and contribute to overall well-being. Just be sure to follow dosage instructions and dispose of it properly to avoid any issues.

Psyllium and Histamin Intolerance

Psyllium does not seem to commonly cause any HIT issues. SIGHI List displays them as safe and people on this Reddit forum don’t report them as an issue.

Created on 26 Dec 2022. Updated on: 26 Dec 2022.
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