When is the end of this quarter?

How many days are left in the quarter? What is the current calendar quarter-end date? What is the current quarter? When is the end of the quarter? When does this quarter end? When is quarter-end?

The current quarter Q1, ends on Mar 31 in 45 days (20 business days).

How many days are left in this quarter? There are 45 days left in this quarter.
How many business days till the end of this quarter? There are 45 business days till the end of the current quarter Q1. There are 183 days left in this year.

What quarter are we in? The current quarter is Q1. The new quarter Q2 starts in 45 days.

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Quarter Clock shows the calendar year broken into quarters and their months. The red arrow shows the current day.

When do calendar quarters start and end?

What does a calendar quarter mean? A year is divided into 4 quarters: Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Each quarter has 3 months. Each quarter is approximately 91 days long. Quarterly means once every quarter, which is roughly every 91 days.

See a handy table of the calendar of every quarter's start date (first day) and end date (last day) below. The dates are the same for each year (2021, 2022, 2023, ...).

Quarter Start End Description
Q1 Jan 1 Mar 31 Q1 starts on Jan 1 and ends on Mar 31.
Q2 Apr 1 Jun 30 Q2 starts on April 1st and ends on June 30th.
Q3 Jul 01 Sep 30 Q3 starts on July 1st and ends on September 30th.
Q4 Oct 1 Dec 31 Q4 starts on October 1st and ends on December 31th.

Fiscal Year

Each company or government institution can choose its own fiscal (financial) year twelve-month period that is the most suitable for its yearly revenue cycle. A company's fiscal year can differ from the calendar year. Companies use their fiscal years to submit financial reports, external audits, and federal tax filings. For example, Apple's fiscal year ends on the last Saturday of September. What is the fiscal year-end for Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or NVIDIA.

Company Fiscal Year End
Apple the last Saturday of September
Microsoft the fifth Saturday of the new calendar year
Amazon December 31
Alphabet (Google) December 31
NVIDIA January 31

Fiscal Quarters

A company's fiscal year outlines its fiscal (financial) quarters dates. That means that fiscal quarters and quarter reporting dates may differ for each company. But usually, financial quarters end on the last day of a calendar month and start on the first day of a calendar month. A fiscal or financial quarter takes 3 months, so it is approximately 91 days long, the same as the calendar quarter, dividing calendar months into 4 equal sets.

Historical Origin of Calendar Quarters

Calendar quarters approximately match 4 seasons. The starts of calendar quarters roughly correspond to 2 equinox and 2 solstice days, when the plane of Earth's equator maximally aligns or excurses with the center of the Sun's disk (ecliptic).

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