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I read papers on a podcast

To improve my pronunciation and speech, I read mostly Machine Learning scientific papers on a podcast.

microphone, map, and Vaclav

And it does work. I think I am able to speak faster and with more precision than I did before I started. Unfortunately my voice is still not so pleasant to listen and I do still slur words. Furthermore I read much more papers than before. Also, I at least some people like the content, since I got around 19 new subs since.

My setup is very simplistic at the moment. I just had to buy one of the cheapest USB microphones as my notebook’s jack 3.5 was polluted with noise. The microphone CONNECT IT CMI-8000-CH YouMic USB works quite well for the $16 I payed. You can verify the mic quality by listening to one of my videos.

I also improved room sound quality by hiding acoustic panel behind a world map.

25 Feb 2020