How I Cook One Pot High Protein High Fiber Low Histamine Food

Simple, cheap, fast, and relatively healthy food I cook in 35 minutes.

Here is a recipe produces 5 simple meals in 35 minutes.

I don’t like restaurant foods and I don’t feel well after eating them due to histamine content, so I developed following recipe over the years. Some ingredients are accidentally inline with likely quite healthy Bryan Johnson’s recipes, but some things I got inspired from him. You can cook this all-in-one pot, and that is how I cooked the original variant, but for the best results, I recommend splitting it as described below.

  • Prepare your large pressure cooking pot, e.g., from IKEA.
  • Soak 500g of black beans (or red beans) for 8 hours, e.g., overnight. Wash beans afterward. The beans should absorb the water and be a bit softer. You can skip soaking, but you will have to cook longer.
  • Then pressure-cook the beans but add:
    • 1 or 2 frozen chicken breasts
    • salt, 1g oregano, 1g potassium chloride salt.
  • Increase the pressure fast within 5 minutes. Then cook for 30 minutes in high pressure. If you haven’t soaked the beans, cook for 45min+.
    • After this, the frozen breast should be done well. The beans should be soft almost like a paste, and must not be crunchy or sandy. Otherwise, restart cooking for 5+ minutes. Uncooked beans won’t feed and can be partially toxic.
  • In parallel cook:
    • 150g of quinoa (good protein spectrum) or semolina high fibre pasta cooked for 15 minutes. I prefer to under-cook to have less sugar.
    • 300g of frozen mixed vegetables of cauliflower, brocolli, carrot, pepper to reduce the fibers a bit. Add 100g almonds. Cooked for 10 minutes.
  • Then mix into the large pressure-cooking pot:
  • Add following:
    • creatine
    • psyllium 5x tea spoon
    • 5 teaspoons of blueberries or redcurrant
  • (Optional) Add selected from these:
    • pea sprouts for DAO enzyme.
    • carob for flavonoids and polyphenols as a cacao alternative.
    • 6x1 brazil nut, or macadamia
    • carrot, bell peppers, parsley
    • goat whey protein 5x 30g (this is hard to get. only the AlpenPower is good enough)
  • Split portions into containers, cool and freeze them within 1 hour for later use.
  • I eat 1 meal for breakfast and 1 for lunch.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

If you are reading this, you may have low on vitamin D. There are blood tests for that. I take fish oil and recently started supplementing more.

Created on 20 Apr 2024. Updated on: 20 Apr 2024.
Thank you

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