Simulation of Soft Photon Calorimeter

Understand how an electromagnetic calorimeter works presented at Dubna JINR 2011.

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2011 JINR, Dubna Student Practice



  • Vaclav Kosar Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Viktor Burian Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Andra-Georgia Ibanescu University of Bucharest


  • Igor Rufanov
  • Elena Kokoulina
  • Vladimir Nikitin


  • To understand photon production and it’s importance for collective phenomena explanations.
  • To get familiar with GEANT, PYTHIA, PAW
  • To simulate the spectra of photons produced in high energy collisions
  • To understand how a electromagnetic calorimeter works.
  • To simulate the energy deposition spectra of photons in a calorimeter.

Isotropical with energy distribution:

  • capability to measure low energy deposit E < 5 MeV
  • the dimension of one cell 4 x 4 x 120 cm 3
  • localization of photon σ < 2 cm.

The electromagnetic calorimeter Red - BGO crystals Blue - organic scintillator - cutting the charged particles Green - Veto - energy leakages

In spite of small dimension of detector it allows one to detect low energy photons with small background contribution from high energy particles. This is achieved due to VETO detector and measurement of location of incoming photons. Signal of soft photons is detectable for cross section of several mb, according to the simulation.

Generate total momentum of photons in CMS Generate the direction of photons in CMS Calculate the photons momentum in LS Calculate energy of photons in LS


  • Vaclav Kosar @ CVUT
  • Viktor Burian @ CVUT
  • Andra-Georgia Ibanescu @ University of Bucharest

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