ELECTRA - How to Train BERT 4x Cheaper

Reducing training flops 4x by GAN-like discriminative task compared to RoBERTa-500K transformer model.

Can you afford to fully train and retrain your own BERT language model? Training costs is important part of machine learning production as transformer language models get bigger. ELECTRA model is being adopted by the industry to reduce training expenses. For example reportedly used in a web search engine Seznam, which capable to locally compete with Google in the Czech Republic. ELECTRA is also available on HuggingFace including a model for pre-training.

Why Is BERT Training Inefficient?

  • BERT is transformer model
  • Uses unsupervised pre-training
  • Encodes text into WordPiece tokens
  • pre-training task is masked language modeling (MLM)
    • Pre-training replaces 15% inputs with “[MASK]” token,
    • Then predicts original token ids based on context
  • Every step costs me,
  • But only a few tokens are masked in each step!

BERT model pre-training and fine-tuning

BERT vs ELECTRA Training

How to get difficult enough task for all tokens instead of just the tokens masked?

  • enter ELECTRA: Pre-training Text Encoders as Discriminators Rather Than Generators
    • ELECTRA = Efficiently Learning an Encoder that Classifies Token Replacements Accurately
    • Stanford & Google Brain
    • ICRL 2020, Not SoTA
  • ELECTRA trains in GAN-like setting:
  • trained BERT model is the discriminator
  • smaller generator has transformer architecture also
    • Jointly train the generator and discriminator
    • The generator is trained with masked language modeling (MLM)
    • For each masked position generator samples one token
  • The big model discriminates true or fake token
  • Not exactly GAN setup: Generator is trained for MLM

ELECTRA model generator discriminator pre-training diagram

ELECTRA Model Architecture and Methods

  • Generator and discriminator same architecture
    • only embeddings or tokens and positional are shared
    • sharing more was not helping
  • Generator 2x - 4x smaller
    • bigger are not helping
    • compute more expensive
    • perhaps bigger too difficult task
  • Both trained jointly otherwise discriminator fails to learn
    • otherwise, the discriminator fails to learn
    • generator selects harder cases
    • but must not be too much better than discriminator
  • mildly resembles DINO’s momentum teacher-student

ELECTRA model loss is sum of generator masked language modeling and discriminator loss

ELECTRA model generator size and GLUE benchmark performance

ELECTRA vs BERT vs RoBERTA vs XLNext Performance Results

  • Datasets:
    • GLUE: natural understanding benchmark
    • SQuAD: questions answering benchmark
  • RoBERTa = BERT with better training and dataset
    • longer training, bigger batches, more data
    • remove next sentence objective
    • train on longer sequences
    • dynamically changing masking pattern
  • XLNet = BERT with permutation language modelling
    • maximizes likelihood of the original sequence
    • compared to all other permutations
    • next-token prediction task
  • ELECTRA-400K on par with RoBERTa-500K with 4x less FLOPs

ELECTRA model performance on GLUE benchmark

ELECTRA model performance on SQuAD benchmark

ELECTRA Source of The Improvement

  • compared alternative tasks on GLUE score
  • results:
    • loss over all inputs is important
    • masking is worse than replacing tokens
TaskDescriptionGLUE score
BERTMLM with [MASK] token82.2
Replace MLMmasked tokens replaced with generated + LM82.4
Electra 15%Discriminator over 15% of the tokens82.4
All-Tokens MLMReplace MLM on all tokens + copy mechanism84.3
ElectraDiscriminator over all tokens85.0

Personal Speculations:

  • ELECTRA could be suitable for low-resource settings
  • ELECTRA training is like augmentation:
    • samples again from generator on each epoch

Follow up - MC-BERT

MC-BERT model extension of ELECTRA diagram

Follow Up - TEAMS

  • also contrastive
  • shares more weights

TEAMS model extension of ELECTRA diagram

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Created on 04 Oct 2021.
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