Walking Desk: Cheap And Tiny

A review of my motor-less walking desk setup.
Walking Desk: Cheap And Tiny
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  • I bought this kids magnetic treadmill secondhand for just $32. Such low startup cost is great to at least get a taste of the concept.
  • Since the treadmill is magnetic it does not encourage you to maintain selected pace. This may unfortunately allow you to unconsciously slow down or stop.
  • The belt’s momentum is to be maintained by pair of small flywheels at the front, which are however underpowered for adult weight. Thus one can often experience sudden stops especially when walking at low speeds.
  • Treadmill’s dimensions are 69x37cm. That’s just about right size for slow paced walk allowing to control a computer.
  • When not in service the treadmill takes up almost no space in comparison to other furniture.

Standing Desk

  • The standing is desk is Ikea Skarsta for $239.
  • The desk is crank operated, which is a minor annoyance. However it’s operating speed is on par with electrical variants.
  • When maximally extended, the desk is little bit wobbly, but not as much that it would cause any functional issues.


I am happy for the time being with my setup. Long term I will consider buying full size electrical treadmill.

Created on 03 Dec 2017. Updated on: 16 Apr 2022.
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