Forward Deployed Engineer

Technical Account Manager, Solutions Architect, Professional Services Consultant.

Here is one interesting position called Forward Deployed Engineer:

A Forward Deployed Engineer is a consultant who works closely with clients to integrate, customize, and deploy software solutions, often involving on-site travel and collaboration to address unique challenges and needs.

  1. Palantir Technologies - Forward Deployed Engineer (FDE) and Forward Deployed Software Engineer (FDSE)

  2. Microsoft - Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Technical Solution Professional (TSP)

  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Solutions Architect or Professional Services Consultant

  4. Google Cloud - Customer Engineer

  5. IBM - Advisory IT Specialist or Client Technical Specialist

  6. Oracle - Customer Success Engineer or Solution Engineer

  7. Splunk - Sales Engineer or Professional Services Consultant

  8. VMWare - Technical Account Manager (TAM)

One gets reminded the Satisfactory engineer deployed alone onto another planet.

Created on 16 Jun 2023. Updated on: 16 Jun 2023.
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