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Thinkpad P53 vs P52 Thermals: Any Improvement?

Is Thinkpad P53 the cooler brother of P52?

I have been having minor thermal issues with my Thinkpad P53 that I decided to buy and share information about in my post on P52. Specifically I had “dmesg” command print messages about “package temperature above threshold” indicating that CPU is being throttled.

In general people complain about bad thermal design on latest Thinkpad including P52 e.g. single heatpipe, prolonged cinebench performance dropoff.

Had this improved with Thinkpad P53?

P52 Cooling

P52 Cooling

P53 Cooling

P53 Cooling


I am no expert, but no significant change appears to have occurred. On top of that P53 also newly has no removable battery. Unfortunately I will likely have to find another brand.

02 Nov 2019

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