How To Boost Your Jog Morale Using Military Cadence And Run Farther

Run beyond your max with this professional mind hack, and burn calories.
Running with military cadence
Running with military cadence

  • Keep the pace
  • Clear your mind
  • Improve mood

Military cadence is a call-and-response work song sung by military personnel while running or marching to maintain a united pace. If you are like my past self, you are having problems running as far as you would like and you will benefit greatly from listening to jody calls.

Listening to these chants will make you feel bad slowing down your pace - not being up to speed with virtual others. And the same time, it blanks your mind, and puts you into an active, but also meditative state.

Try Now

You can try this YouTube video, or download couple cadence calls here.

Positive Stress

Any other reason to run? Well, temporarily increased stress or optimal level stress in general seems to be good for health. Read more about psychologically positive stress and optimal stress level here

Running Triples Your Speed For Extra One Third Of Calories per Mile

Based on 1 (18 minutes walking ~ 110 kcal, 10 min run 158 kcal both for 1.6km) and 2 normal walking speed of 2.5 mph on average consumes around 87 calories per mile while running at speed of 7 mph will consume only 32 extra calories, which is 37% per mile extra.

Sitting vs Standing vs Walking vs Running per Hour

Sitting burns around 80 kcals per hour meaning around 1920 kcals per day based on [3]. Standing burns only 10% more than sitting per hour (88kcal/ h), which is one carrot of energy per 3 hours. While walking 1h will burn off +175% (2-3x) kcals (80 -> 220 to 366 /h) and running 1h will burn off approximately 10x kcals (~958 kcal) compared to sitting based on 1.

Update 2020-07-06

After finding that I am not motivated enough for high-intensity interval training, which is superior after a certain fitness point, I returned to the above method today. And it works as perfect as ever.

Update 2022-04-15

Restarting again :)

Created on 16 Jul 2016. Updated on: 16 Apr 2022.
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