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Thinkpad P52 Disassembly For Repaste, RAM Upgrade, Or Anything Else

Repaste, max RAM, or install antenna into Thinkpad P52 with these links and tips for full disassembly.

P52 Disassembly

The disassembly is fairly easy as I was able to repaste and install LTE antenna without any previous experience, that is except removing LCD panel, which seems to be just glued onto the cover in a cheapskate manner. Concern is durability of screws on your machine as they can take only so much use before need for replacement. Some of my screws are at 60% mileage after 8-10 openings.

I recommend using the maintenance manual combined with a video linked in the corresponding sections below. You can find P52 vs ZBook G5 comparison on this site as well.

I personally did full disassembly due to having to clean up almond butter from all over the fans.

Download Manual

The non official download is much faster

Chassis Disassebly

I recommend using the amateur video below, but I am linking to official videos as well.

LCD Panel Removal - Not achieved

There is a video on Youtube on P51 LCD removal, but it does not apply to P52. P52 has screen glued with double-sided tape, due to which I was not able to remove the screen, forcing me to install LTE antenna in a hacky way.

03 May 2020

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