Ten Commandments for Business Failure Book Summary

With a foreword from Warren Buffett, this short book is worthy of skimming.

Ten Commandments for Business Failure Book Summary

Have a bit of fun and get an new insightful perspective with Ten Commandments for Business Failure by Donald R. Keough lessons.

The Commandments

  1. Quit Taking Risks (be up for challenge and discontent with the status quo)
  2. Be Inflexible (don’t be dismissively stubborn)
  3. Isolate Yourself (talk to variety of people, but take time to think - see below)
  4. Assume Infallibility (admit problems and look for them)
  5. Play the Game Close to the Foul Line (do the right thing with a big margin)
  6. Don’t Take Time to Think (dedicate time to distraction free thinking)
  7. Put All Your Faith in Experts and Outside Consultants (focus on fundamentals over hype)
  8. Love Your Bureaucracy (red tape to the minimum)
  9. Send Mixed Messages (communicate simply and clearly - objectives, marketing)
  10. Be Afraid of the Future (avoid pessimism)
  11. Lose Your Passion for Work - for Life (connect emotionally with customers, employees, dreams)

Yes, there are 11 of them, I was surprised as well :).

Created on 12 Dec 2021.
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