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Thinkpad P52 vs ZBook 15 G5 vs Precision 7530

03 Mar 2019

I wanted at least 15inch display processor i7-8750H, reasonable graphics P1000, at least max 64GB RAM, RJ45, trackpoint, physical resilience. I decided to buy ZBook 15 G5 over Thinkpad P52 and Precision 7530 and below are my reasons.

I also shortly considered a wild card 14inch Latitude 5491 as it had attractive price, but it missed too many of the requirements (poor cooling, low max ram, poor physical resilience, low graphics).

ZBook vs P52 cover

Thinkpad P52

Precision 7530

  • max RAM 128GB
  • worst trackpoint
  • medium cooling
  • no replaceable battery
  • less physical resilience
  • extra M.2 drive slot

ZBook 15 G5

Update on ZBook G5 15

I bought ZBook G5 15:

  • Charging port is too thin and probably will be damaged soon
  • Page Up, Page Down keys are not as conveniently placed as on Thinkpads
  • Home, End, Insert keys were replaced by useless keys Desktop, Call, Hang Up contrary to Thinkpad
  • Home, End moved to the top right
  • Insert key completely removed!
  • Up and Down keys are stupidly thin!
  • While the notebook should have passed MIL tests it doesnt really seem resilient as Thinkpad
  • Without repaste the performance on Cinebench R15 drops to 1030 the same as on Thinkpad P52
  • Overall, I think I will be replacing the notebook with P52

Update on P52 2019-05-07

So far minor issues

  • Refuses to charge sometimes even with 170W charger. Seems to be getting worse.
  • Display cover seems too easy to bend
  • LTE modem supported but not yet installed in my version

Update on P52 2019-06-24

  • Battery issues were resolved during on-site support from Lenovo. Most probable cause was faulty power source, but the mainboard was fully removed during inspection (for no reason), so I cannot confirm the issue wasn’t incorrectly attached connector or needed hard reset.
  • I will be ordering LTE modem and will attempt to install it either with on-site support or manually.

Update on P52 2019-11-02

  • Linux dmesg messages about “temperature above threshold” are gone after repaste. The service guy probably didn’t put thermal paste in correctly. On top of that some of the screws are missing. Damned Lenovo service!
  • I posted about thermals in P53 here.

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