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Thinkpad P52 vs ZBook 15 G5 vs Precision 7530

03 Mar 2019

I wanted at least 15inch display processor i7-8750H, reasonable graphics P1000, at least max 64GB RAM, RJ45, trackpoint, physical resilience. I decided to buy ZBook 15 G5 over Thinkpad P52 and Precision 7530 and below are my reasons.

I also shortly considered a wild card 14inch Latitude 5491 as it had attractive price, but it missed too many of the requirements (poor cooling, low max ram, poor physical resilience, low graphics).

ZBook vs P52 cover

Thinkpad P52

Precision 7530

ZBook 15 G5

Update on ZBook G5 15

I bought ZBook G5 15:

Update on P52 2019-05-07

So far minor issues

Update on P52 2019-06-24

Update on P52 2019-11-02

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