Twitter Bullet Points to Copy & Paste

Copy-paste your bullet point symbol and other tweeting tips and emojis. Usable also for LinkedIn, Meta, Inkscape ...
Twitter Bullet Points How To
Twitter Bullet Points How To

You have only 280 characters to make your point in a tweet.
‣ That requires summarization, for which lists are super helpful.
⁃ Bullet points are crucial to create visually appealing lists.
♦ Break down your message into digestible parts.
👉 Make your list stand out with non-standard bullet points below.
👉 Copy-paste your favorite character from below and get bullet points into your Tweet, Twitter bio, LinkedIn post, Meta post, or Inkscape poster.

Standard Bullet Points Symbols

Nothing beats the classical bullets.

• Classic bullet
◦ White bullet
∙ Middle dot bullet

Keyboard Shortcut for Classical Bullets

You don’t always have to come here Apart from copy-pasting, you can also produce standard bullet points using below:
• Mac: hold option key & press 8
• Windows: hold alt key & press Numpad 7
• Linux: Ctrl+Shift+U, then type 2022. Or Ctrl+. then Ctrl+[space], then search your bullet.

Special Bullet Points Symbols

Are you looking for something extra?

‣ Triangular bullet
⁃ Dash bullet
▪ Square bullet
▫ White Small Square
♦ Diamond bullet
⬨ White diamond bullet
⬩ Small diamond bullet
💎 Gem stone bullet

Checkboxes and Tick Marks

These are great for actionable lists or status reports.

☐ Unchecked checkbox
☑ Checked checkbox
☒ Crossed checkbox

Eye Catching Emoji Symbols

Other cute symbols useful to emphasize call to action and add a spark of emotion to your tweet.

🧵 Thread
👆 👇 👈 👉 Pointing hands
⚠️ Warning
🚫 Prohibited
🏆 Trophy
❤️ Red Heart
✨ Sparkles
🔥 Fire
💪 Flexed Biceps
🙏 Folded Hands (Thank you or pray)
🤝 Handshake
✔️ Checkmark
📌 Pushpin
👍 Thumbs Up

Successful Tweet Templates

Use templates below to cut through the noise.
• The problem, hint of solution, call to action.
• Agreeable fact, surprising or contrarian fact, explain the why.
• Exclamation or emotion, hint of information, call to action.

What is a bullet point?

A bullet point is a dot-like symbol or a glyph vertically positioned in the middle of the line of text. It is a graphical element used as a visual guide to the beginning of items on lists. Each element usually distills the essential information in separate sentence fragments. Professionals use bullet points in presentations, notes, and technical writing.

Use This Right Now To:

Increase the impact and readability of your tweets and other social media posts. Instead of struggling to express your point in a limited character count, use bullet points to break down your message into digestible parts that are easy to overview. Use these resources to create more effective and engaging online posts.

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