Highly Compressed Richard Hamming's Lectures

Get inspired by Hamming's lectures compressed into tiny downloadable files.

Richard Hamming’s Lectures are amazingly inspirational to the point that Sam Altman and Paul Graham written posts on one of them called You And Your Research. While You can play them via a Youtube playlist, you can save some bandwidth in exchange for recording quality by using high compression of Speex codec. You can find “Spxfy” script here and similar things in that repo.. I like to compress videos to be able to archive in Syncthing and to save mobile bandwidth. In particular, I recommend “You and Your Research” lecture.

Update: Recoded in Opus 7kbps

Thanks to a commenter on HN discussion: While SpeeX can go down to 4kbps, Opus at 7kbps has much better support in variable players. And you also get much better quality. So here u go the same in Opus:

Compressing More

Thanks to another HN commenter: apparently it is possible to achive even lower bitrates down to 0.7kbps!!

HN Discussion


Created on 03 Mar 2019.
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