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Learn faster with a generated quiz

Reduce your effort of creating and revising learning material using a free AI-powered tool.

I used Anki to learn various Math, Stats, and Software Dev definitions. But it was time consuming and had broken testing effect. I resolved these problems by developing a web app Quizrecall - an automated quiz generator with spaced repetition. Read on as the app may be something for you as well.

Anki Issues

  1. Time to create: But I always had a problem with having to spend a lot of time creating my flashcards. Over time I moved from creating a front-back card to just fill-in-the-blank questions to reduce effort. But that still felt too slow. I knew it must be possible to generate the cloze questions automatically. And over time, I developed an algorithm to do that for me.

  2. Self-assessment breaks testing effect: Another issue I had with Anki was that I was losing attention during the reviews. I kept zoning out and self-assessing my self as “Good” without actually recalling anything. The issue here is that Anki allows you to keep pushing one green button.

  3. Time to review: The last problem for me with Anki was that spending too much time during card review. I tried configuring a time limit to answer, but it only increased the focus problem in point 2 above.

Quizrecall as a solution

I solved all of these problems for myself by developing the app, and I switched entirely recently. It is leveraging the latest Machine Learning (AI) technology. It works only with text, but right now, it is enough.

  1. Generates fill-in-the-blank (cloze) questions and alternative answers
  2. Pushes me to select the correct answer from 3 options
  3. The answer correctness also decreases with the elapsed time needed to answer


I am happy with finding a solution to my issues with Anki. I am committed to using and improving the app over time, because it is genuinely reducing my effort to memorize and learn.

I think you may very well like it as well. You can try it with your favorite Wikipedia article summary.

02 Nov 2019