Is $15 USB Microscope Enough For You?

See yeast cells and pond water critters paying just $15 for an USB microscope.
Is $15 USB Microscope Enough For You?
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When I was a kid, I always loved to play with my grand grand father’s microscope which used to be used for checking meat for presence of dangerous worms. I was unhappy that I could never get back to things I saw. I couldn’t take pictures or videos.

So when I saw this $15 USB microscope on Ebay I had to buy it. I installed it on the old microscope set up and had lots of fun with.

With this microscope you can see objects up to 30um of size. I was able to observe yeast cells. Also I observed real living microorganisms in pond water enriched with moss from trees.

While it is not a practical thing for me right now, I really like buying it.

Created on 26 Feb 2017.
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