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Transverse momentum spectra and correlations in the blast wave model with resonances

05 Sep 2010


Vaclav Kosar


This thesis provides a review about the basics of theories of properties of matter with high energy density, which originates in heavy ion high energy collisions ( GeV/nucleus). Basic information about the extreme state of matter called quark-gluon plasma, introduction to quantum statistical mechanics and introduction to theory of longitudinally boost-invariantly expanding fireball of hot matter are mentioned.

Particular intention is given to the blast-wave model with resonances, whose basic assumptions are longitudinally boost-invariant expansion, transverse expansion, and the existence of a particular hypersurface in space-time, on which hadronic matter abruptly decouples from fireball.

In the final part two most important parameters of the blast-wave model are extracted from fits to the transverse momentum spectra obtained from STAR experiment, using a modification of the program DRAGON [B. Tomasik, Comp.Phys.Commun. 180 (2009) 1642-1653].

Key words

ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions, logitudinally boost-invariat expanding fireball, Blastwave model, transverse momentum spectra, DRAGON

Full Bachelor Thesis